Charles Frederick Pickingill, son of George Pickingill

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3rd Generation


Charles Frederick Pickingill  ( 1861 – 1928 )




15.          CHARLES FREDERICK PICKINGILL  was born in the 2nd Quarter (Apr-May-Jun) of 1861 in Eastwood, Essex.

His name on the birth index is Charles Frederick Pickingale.

From the England & Wales, Birth Index:

Name:       Charles Frederick Pickingale
Year:         1861
Quarter:   Apr-May-Jun  (2nd Quarter)
District:    Rochford
County:    Essex
Volume:   4a     Page:  169


Father:           George Pickingill                            (No.2)

Mother:         Sarah Ann Bateman                       (also known as Mary Ann)



~ 1871

In 1871, Charles F. Pitengale, age 9, a scholar, was living with his parents in Canewdon, Essex.

From the 1871 census of Canewdon:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

George Pitengale    Head    Mar  55  M         Ag. Lab         Essex     Hockley
Mary Ann     do       Wife     Mar  44  F                                 Essex     Tillingham
Martha         do        Daur              12  F          Scholar          Essex     Hatfield
Charles F.    do        Son                  9  M         Scholar          Essex    Eastwood
Mary A.        do        Daur                7  F          Scholar          Essex     Eastwood
George         do        Son                  3  M                                 Essex     Canewdon


~ 1873

Frederick Pickingale with two other boys, William Bines and William Dines, were convicted of killing a fowl and fined.  Frederick Pickingale paid his fines while the other two boys were committed for seven days on the October 2, 1873 Petty Sessions held at Rochford, Essex.

From the newspaper, Essex Newsman, Friday 10 October 1873:



Magistrates present - A. Holt White, Esq., chairman, J. Tabor, and A. Tawke, Esqrs.; and Sir Chas. Nicholson, Bart.

KILLING A FOWL. - Three boys, named respectively Wm. Bines, Wm. Dines, and Fredk. Pickingale, were charged with killing a fowl, the property of John Auger, of Canewdon, and were each fined 6d. and 8s. 6d. damage and costs.  Pickingale paid.  Dines and Bines committed for seven days


~ Christmas Eve 1890 and January 1891

Frederick Pettingale with Ed. Bines, Arthur Bines, and Frederick Hammond, all labourers were fined or alternately serve 14 days hard labour.  The case was at the Sessions held at Southend, Essex on January 21, 1891.

This was for taking and destroying 4 rabbits on land belonging to Allen Stallibrass on midnight December 24, 1890.

One wonders if the rabbits were intended for a Christmas day dinner?

From the newspaper, Essex Newsman, Friday 23 January 1891:


Magistrates present - C. A. Tabor, Esq., in the chair; Major A. C. Tawke, E. A. Wedd and E. E. Phillips, Esqrs.

CANEWDON - Ed. Bines, Arthur Bines, Fredk. Hammond, and Fredk. Pettingale, labourers, were charged with taking and destroying four rabbits, on land occupied by Mr. Allen Stallibrass, at midnight, on Dec. 24th. - Mr. Geo. Wood prosecuted.

- The defendants (who had all been previously convicted) were each fined £1 and 8s. 8d. costs, in default 14 days' hard labour. - P. c. Cowell proved the case.


~ February 1891

Frederick Pittingale and his brother, George Pittingale, with Walter Jordan and Henry Carter, all labourers, were convicted and fined for being drunk and disorderly on February 12, 1891 at the February 25, 1891 Petty Sessions held at Rochford, Essex.

The alternative was 14 days hard labor.  It would appeared that Frederick Pittingale paid his fine and that his brother George Pittingale served hard labor in the prison.  That is because only George was listed as in prison during the 1891 census.

From the newspaper, Essex Newsman, Friday 27 February 1891:


ROCHFORD, Feb. 25.

Magistrates present - C. A. Tabor, Esq., chairman; E. A. Wedd, E. E. Phillips, and G. D. Deeping, Esqrs.

CANEWDON - Walter Jordan, Hy. Carter, Geo. Pittingale, and Fredk. Pittingale, labourers, were each fined 10s. and 8s. 6d. costs, in default 14 days' hard labour, for being drunk and disorderly, on the 12th inst.


~ April 1891

In 1891, Frederick Pidkingale was living with his sister’s family, William and Mary Punt, in Grays Thurrock, Essex.  He was an employed General Labourer.

From the 1891 census of Grays Thurrock:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

40 Charles Street

William    Punt             Head                   M  38  M    General Labourer  Employed   Essex  Wickford
Martha A Do                 Wife                    M  34  F                                                               Do      Rochford
Alice        Do                  Daur                         10  F      Scholar                                            Do      West Thurrock
Elizabeth Do                 Daur                           9  F          Do                                                Do           Do
William G Do                Son                             5  M         Do                                                Do      Grays
Martha A  Do                Daur                           9 mo F                                                          Do          Do
Frederick Pidkingale  Brother in law  S    30 M     General Labourer  Employed     Do      Rochford


~ 1901

In the beginning of the 20th century, we find in 1901, Frederick Pickengal and his brother were back living at their father’s place in Canewdon, Essex.  Frederick was a Farm Labourer.

From the 1901 census of Canewdon:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

3 High St.    4 - Number of Rooms occupied

George Pickengal      Head  Widr   95  M    Parish relief   Z                         Essex  Hockley
Frederick     do          Son       S        40  M    Labourer on farm    Worker      do    Eastwood
George         do           Son      S        28  M          do            do          Worker      do   Canewdon


~ 1909

Frederick Pettingale was present at the death of his father, George Pettingale, on April 10, 1909 in Canewdon.  Frederick was the informant on the death certificate and he made a mark “X” for his signature.


~ 1911

In 1911, Frederick Pickengale was living in Canewdon, Essex.  Frederick was a Farm Labourer.

From the 1911 census of Canewdon:

Name - Relationship - Age - Sex - Marital Status  – Profession – Birthplace

Fredrick Pickengale   Head  52 M   Single    Farm Labourer        Essex   Eastwood

Number of Rooms in this Dwelling - 2
Signature - Fredrick Pickengale
Postal Address - The Street Canewdon Rochford Essex


~ 1928

In 1928, Charles Frederick Pickingale died at the age of 67 at the Rochford House in Rochford, Essex and was buried 13 Dec 1928 in the churchyard at Canewdon, Essex.

The Rochford House was the Workhouse.

From the Burial Register of Canewdon:

Burials 1928 - Page 72 No. 571

Name. – Abode. – When Buried. – Age. – By whom the ceremony was performed.

Charles Fredrick Pickingale  /  Rochford House Rochford.  /  Dec 13th 1928  /  67  /  g woodward




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