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3rd Generation


Emma Wells  ( 1853 – ? )



23.           EMMA WELLS  was born ca. 1853 in Canvey Island, Essex.


Father:           James Wells

Mother:           Mary Anne Pickingill            (No. 6)


In 1861, Emma Wells, age 6, and her 3 sisters were in the Union Workhouse in Billericay, Essex

From the 1861 Census of the workhouse in Billericay, Essex, we find the following:

“List of all the persons who slept or abode in this institution on the night of Sunday, April 7th, 1861.”

On the 1st page:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

Robert Duncan Head  Married  37 M    Master of Union Workhouse    Scotland

Several pages later:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

Sarah Wells    Pauper       12 F  Scholar                   Essex,  Canvey Island
Hannah Wells    Do          10 F      Do                      Essex,  Canvey Island
Phoebe Wells    Do             8 F      Do                      Essex,  Canvey Island
Emma Willis      Do             6 F      Do                      Essex,  Canvey Island


In 1871, Emma Wells, age 15, was a servant for a Butcher’s family in Ingrave, Essex.

From the 1871 Census of Ingrave, Essex, we find the following:

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

James Eades Blatch     Head   Mar    56 M    Butcher master employing 2 men       Essex  Bowers Gifford
Isabella Blatch               Wife    Mar     57 F                                                               Do     South Benfleet
James Blatch                Son     Unm    25 M   Butcher                                                Do      Ingrave
Walter Blatch                Son               14 M                                                               Do      Do
Emma Wells                 Servant         15 F   General Servant (Domestic)                      Do    Canvey Island


Emma Wells was not found in the 1881 Census.


In 1891, Emma Wells, age 38, a Sick Nurse, was living at her sister’s place at 139 High Street in Grays Thurrock, Essex.  She was at the home of John and Phoebe Dines.

From the 1891 Census of Grays Thurrock, Essex, we find the following:

139 High St

Name - Relationship – Married or Single – Age – Sex – Profession – Birthplace

John R. Dines             Head   M    30 M   Confectioner                         Employer        Essex  Grays
Phoebe A  do              Wife    M    40 F                                              Employed          do     Canvey Island
Eugene H  do              Daur            6 F    Scholar                                                        do    Grays
Rose M.     do               do             2 F                                                                        do       do
Emma Wells               Sister   S   38 F    Sick Nurse                                                    do      Canvey Island
Florence Hermitage     Servt    S   
15 F    Dom General Servant           Employed           do      Grays


Emma Wells was also not found in the 1901 Census.




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2.     1871 Census of England, Essex, Ingrave, District 9, Image No. 2, Ancestry.com.  Public Record Office reference: R.G. 10 1657, Original Page No. 2, No. of Schedule 8. Emma Wells a servant in the household of James Eades Blatch.  April, 9, 2009 Thursday 2:45 PM.

3.     1891 Census of England, Essex, Grays Thurrock, District 13, Image No. 20, Ancestry.com.   Public Record Office reference: RG 12 / 1376, Original Page No. 20, No. of Schedule 96. Emma Wells in the household of John R. Dines.   April, 9, 2009 Thursday 1:52 PM.




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